Wednesday, January 13, 2010


What a tough day i'm havin, day by day facing patient who will go for surgery
I know although they doesn't look scared but
deep insight them a thousand question built-up in their mind.
Is it painful?
Will i be able to survive prior to the surgery?
Will the surgery be success?
How long the surgery will be taken? What is the cost?
Is there any complication might arise?

Will i get those complication prior to the surgery?
Will i be able to function as normal as before?

A lot of thought actually running, playing in their mind
So the dr have to clarify it with them
as to make sure they confident enough to underwent for the surgery
But today i'm don't want to talk about the patient thought,
its more on my thought.hoho
Up till now i'm still wondering why all the patient always come to 'us - medical practitioner'
when they already have proceed to advanced stage of disease?
Is it due to poor insight?or lack of education about the disease they suffering?
They do not concern about their health problem?
Doesn't matter if it is surgical or medical case..
It's always like that.
They don't pity to their own body.*sigh
Like 1 case today, a fourth-ties years old lady who known to have right breast lump and already diagnose to have breast CA last year, defaulted f/up and seek traditional practitioner.
Currently admitted due to shortness of breath for 1 week duration. On examination shows reduce air entry on right lung, and her right breast became worst (ulcerated, abnormal discharge,bleed, palpable lymph node.).
Plus she had jaundice.
So based on may knowledge, she currently having advance breast CA with metastases to the lungs and liver (possible)

Why they have to wait till late stage?
If this ladies do early surgery, i think she will not lose her right breast.
Unfortunately, she had to lose her right breast now

Conclusion ; based on my opinion, the key to prevent this is for those medical practitioner who see the patient had to educate them properly about the disease they are suffering.
Like above case, if the dr can convince her to go for early surgery, i think she will not suffer much like what she's having now. But the decision making is hard, especially for those who is low education level.
So what to do?

p/s : how many days left for me before facing PRO 3?!.

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Faisal Admar said...

being doc is not easy.

to me, most people who go to see doc at critical stage because they are coward. scared of the disease. try to correct their mindset that they are not sick.

usually malay thinking is like that if you realize. sorry to say